Global Trend Network Limited, the owners of Payment Solutions is a payment company based in Lagos, Nigeria set up for rendering the services of international payments on behalf of persons and organisations around the globe.

Our vision is to deliver prompt and delightful services to our numerous clients to ensure they keep coming back.

In order to achieve this and having realized that the challenges in the industry are enormous, we have come up with a team of young, seasoned and dynamic professionals, with experience acquired from various reputable firms, carefully orchestrated for positive synergic output. So when you engage our services you would be sure you are about to get the best, which is what we promise to give to you because we know you deserve it.

Global Trends Network Limited (or GTN Resources Limited as we are known by many) is a company that renders services of various natures that meets the need of different people in the Nigerian business sector and the world at large. The company has been in existence since early 2000 and since then has been into the business of rendering services as our memorandum and articles of association has mandated us to.


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Refund Policy
Once we have a made a payment/attempt payment, and a client requires a refund, we charge a 20% fee on your commission and refund the rest to you intact with the sum you handed to us for the payment. This will be done as soon as we are able to ascertain that the money has been refunded by the company or merchant we paid to; and a 24 hours service refund will be rendered to you.